Tuesday, 27 September 2016

September 2016 Review

September saw my net worth increase by 0.8% with a slightly calmer and steadier month in the markets, and better savings.

The value of my investment portfolio increased around 1% as markets calmed a little after a lot of volatility over the summer.  I sold one small ETF position as part of the recent tidy up and downsizing of the portfolio. It is now 12% of total assets, down from a high of 15% a few months ago.

Pension unit prices were around 1% higher, in line with broader market performance.

All rent was received broadly on time., with one small expense related to a rental agreement being renewed. My new property investment is moving slower than expected but is expected to complete in October.

Cash balances increased with one small investment disposal and higher than average savings. Expenses were lower than most months this year with no one offs or travel.

Year to date net worth growth: 19.3%
Year to date savings rate: 67%