Thursday, 27 December 2012

December 2012 Review

December saw my net worth increase by 1.5%, with good savings and increases investment / pension valuations.

During the month my ETF investments all increased in value, and i also received a couple of large dividends. I purchased a European high dividend ETF during the month which has had a great run, increasing over 5% in value in just over 2 weeks!  These ETF gains were partly offset by the recent fall in gold.

My pensions had their best month since February with solid increases in unit values as equities rallied.

My property was occupied, although there was one minor maintenance issue that should come through in January.  I've left the valuation unchanged for a number of months now as the market has been fairly flat.

Cash increased despite the ETF investment and higher Christmas expenses, although i expect some extra expenses to come through in January.

On a full year basis, my net worth has increased by a very satisfying 41%, mostly from healthy income & savings, but also helped along by higher property, pension & investment valuations.  I'll do a separate full year 2012 annual review in January.


  1. 41%! Congratulations. That is fantastic progress.

  2. Thanks, I actually surprised myself with that percentage! A full annual review should follow in the next week or so

    Congratulations to you too on what looks to have been a good year.

  3. Hello there,

    what was the increase of your investment portofolio (excluding income/savings etc)?

  4. Hi J-D, thanks for visiting.

    For the month of December the investment portfolio was around 2% higher. Within that, strong gains on the ETFs were partly offset by the drop in gold. I'll cover these in a bit more detail when I do a full year review