Saturday, 12 October 2013

Investment Portfolio Update - 1 year on

It is around a year since i set up my personal investment portfolio. I've been steadily building it up over the last year, with a combination of initial core holdings, regular purchases & the occasional more opportunistic investment.

Here's the current position:

Description CAGR % Portfolio
UK listed ETFs
SEDY EM High dividend 3.8% 8.1%
IASP Asia Pacific property 6.5% 8.5%
SHYU High yield corporate debt 5.2% 8.5%
IUKD UK High dividend 26.2% 9.8%
IDVY Eurozone High dividend 30.1% 5.9%
IAPD Asia Pacific High dividend 1.4% 7.9%
VHYL Global High Dividend 25.2% 15.4%
INFR Global Infrastructure -4.6% 7.1%
HK listed ETFs
2800 HK Index tracker 12.6% 6.8%
3049 CSI 300 China tracker -1.0% 3.6%
Other Equities
AV.B Aviva Pref Shares -3.8% 7.7%
AAPL Apple 11.3% 2.5%
GOLD Gold (paper) -25.1% 6.2%
SSLN Silver (ETF) -42.4% 1.9%
Total weighted CAGR 7.8% 100%

Overall the core high yield ETFs have performed very well, especially the developed markets (UK, Eurozone & Global High dividend).  The emerging market ETFs have seen more volatility, with some also being adversely affected by depreciating currencies.

As expected, Gold & Silver have been very poor, although these were purchased partly to hedge against any potential crises that may have impacted equities performance.  These are also a relatively small part of the portfolio at around 8% combined.

Looking forward, i'll probably look to build the portfolio primarily by adding to core holdings either with regular purchases or on market dips if possible.  I don't want to add too many new holdings unless they clearly meet my basic investment criteria (adding to diversification, yield and being good value), however, i will keep my options open.

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