Wednesday, 6 January 2016

December 2015 Review

December saw my net worth increase by 0.8%. Investment and pension performance was poor but savings were healthy & property continued to appreciate.  Due to some travel my financial year ended on 6th January and as a result it included the sharp drop in equities over the last few days.

The value of my investment portfolio was down 3.3%.  The last few days saw a sharp drop in a number of equities markets and i'm considering further investments as a result. During December i added to my FTSE100 ETF and received a lot of dividends.

Pension unit prices were also down around 3% with weakness in equities over the past few days.

Rental income on both properties was paid in full & on time. One of the tenants has just extended their lease at the same rent. I increased the recorded value of one of my properties again following continual increases in the local market, but this still lags the market price by around 10%.

Cash balances were higher as savings exceeded new investments.  Income was higher than usual due to a number of dividends & higher interest income in the month.

A full 2015 review and a look ahead to 2016 will follow shortly

Year to date net worth growth: 18%
Year to date savings rate: 65%

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