Saturday, 26 March 2016

March 2016 Review

March saw my net worth increase by 9% mainly as a result of a large lump sum income, along with improved market performance.

The value of my investment portfolio increased by over 2% with a slow but steady rally in equities for most of the month.  There were no new investments and handful of dividends.

Pension unit prices were up around 3% following a pick up in most equities markets.

Rental income on both properties was paid in full, with one paying a couple of months in advance following a late payment last month.

Cash balances were significantly higher with a large lump sum income in the month. This will probably stay deployed in savings accounts for now as i don't have any significant investments planned, although i may be helping with a family property purchase in the near future. Expenses were slightly higher than average following a laptop repair and some travel, but not excessive.

As a result of high income my std savings rate is very high, but this should drift down to around 60% through the year.

Year to date net worth growth: 10.7%
Year to date savings rate: 81%

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