Friday, 29 July 2016

July 2016 Review

July saw my net worth increase by 1.8% with a strong rally in financial markets increasing my pension & investment portfolios.

The value of my investment portfolio increased around 5% following a strong rally across global equities throughout the month.  Some large dividends came in at the beginning of the month and most sectors performed well.

Pension unit prices were around 4% higher, on the back of the rally in global equities markets.

All rent was received on time.  I am now in the process of starting another rental property investment which should be complete hopefully in around a month's time. It is in a similar location and of a similar value to my investment last year.

Cash balances were lower following an initial payment towards the property investment. Expenses were high again but better than last month and included some travel costs for later in the year. Excluding travel expenses were in line with target.

Year to date net worth growth: 16.8%
Year to date savings rate: 69%

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