Friday, 30 December 2016

December 2016 Review

December saw my net worth increase by 1% with good income, reasonable savings and increases in investment values.

The value of my investment portfolio increased around 1.7% with a mix of dividends on ETFs and increases in most equity values. There were no purchases or sales and the markets seem to end the year with a mild rally.

Pension unit prices were also up around 1% in line with improved equities performance.

Rental income was back on track with the tenant in areas catching up and paying some of January in advance as a good will gesture.  I wasn't expecting this so its a nice surprise, but will see how it progresses over the next few months before deciding whether to extend the tenancy. The other tenant also paid in full, as usual. No tenant yet for the recent purchase, probably a lack of interest over the holiday season. I'm hoping to find someone in January.  There were a few expenses in the month but nothing significant.

Cash balances were a lot higher with strong income, average expenses (apart from travel / gifts) and no new investments/disposals. Overall this has been another excellent year for my finances. I will post a full year review for 2016 along with expectations for 2017 shortly.

Year to date net worth growth: 24.3%
Year to date savings rate: 65%


  1. Congratulations on a great result during a somewhat challenging year for investors.

  2. Thanks, and congratulations to you too. The goals of financial freedom and early retirement continue to be a driving force in managing my finances