Sunday, 1 October 2017

September 2017 Review

September saw my net worth increase by 0.8% driven by good income, moderate expenses and a flatter month in the markets.

The value of my investment portfolio was marginally lower, i think this was more to do with fx (strengthening GBP against HKD assets) than the underlying performance of equities

Pension unit values were slightly higher, but not a significant movement

Property income was in line with expectations.  Two tenants paid on time and the eviction of a problem tenant is still rumbling on longer than hoped.  One tenant has just extended for another year, which helps to keep costs down.

Cash balances were higher on strong income and moderate expenses. Cash is creeping above 30% of gross assets again which is usually a sign its time to look at new investment opportunities!

Year to date net worth growth: 17.9%
Year to date savings rate: 70%

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