Monday, 27 November 2017

November 2017 Review

November saw my net worth increase by 1% driven by good income, lower expenses and investment gains

The value of my investment portfolio was fairly flat.  Equities seemed a bit more choppy and some fx swings made it difficult to read underlying performance.  I am considering stepping back into the market in a targeted manner if i see any pockets of value, but it is unlikely to be significant in scale.

Pension unit values were also around 2% higher although there has been some volatility in valuations

Property income was lower than usual but most of that was timing as i've had to close the month-end early.  After quite a lot of maintenance work my one empty property is back on the market with viewings arranged.  I'm considering another property investment in the new year, yields are holding up well and prices seem steady in my target locations.

Cash balances were higher on good income and more typical expenses.  Cash is back above 30% of total assets which is usually an indicator to invest, with property looking more likely than equities at this stage.

Year to date net worth growth: 20.4%
Year to date savings rate: 68%

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