Thursday, 7 March 2013

Investment Portfolio update

Back in December i gave a brief review of my investment portfolio.  As a few months have passed and there are a few new additions i thought i'd give an update.

Name Return CAGR % Portfolio
SEDY 12% 33% 16%
IASP 19% 57% 17%
SHYU 10% 29% 17%
IUKD 14% 51% 17%
IDVY 11% 52% 10%
Gold (7)% (19)% 14%
2800.HK (3)% (8)% 4%
AAPL (1)% (82)% 4%

All UK listed ETFs have performed very well, with double digit growth since being purchased between October and December.  In particular, IASP (Asia Pacific property) has shown strong capital growth along with paying two dividends.

Gold has slipped back as equities rallied & confidence returned to the markets.  I'm not overly concerned about this as it acts partly as a hedge to the equity heavy portfolio.  I'm slightly surprised the high yield bond ETF (SHYU) has grown so much even without having received dividends yet, but i guess this serves as evidence of the continued search for yield in the markets.

The more recent purchases are the HK Index tracker fund (i have a small standing monthly purchase in place) and Apple.  The HK tracker has leveled off in the last couple of months, but i'm happy to keep adding a small amount to this each month for the time being, certainly until it becomes a more material part of the portfolio.  The Apple purchase is only a couple of days old so we'll see how it goes - i have no plans to add to this for the time being.

Overall i'm happy with the performance of the portfolio, and i'd actually quite welcome a pull back in the market so i can add a few new additions to improve diversification.  I've also managed to stick to my buy and hold strategy, with no disposals to date.  Obviously my nerves haven't been tested yet with any significant falls!

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