Friday, 31 May 2013

May 2013 Review

May saw my net worth grow by 1.4%, with a good savings rate and strong pension performance more than offsetting a one-off investment loss.

The investment portfolio was down 2.6% for the month mostly due to a loss realised on the disposal of my Co-op bank pref shares (i'm somewhat comforted by the continued decline in price after i sold).  This was compounded by declines in some of the ETFs at the end of the month, although partly offset by the receipt of a number of dividends in the month. Gold & Silver both also continued their recent decline.

My pension fund unit values were up strongly (around 4.5%), due in part to a heavy weighting in the uk market which hit new 12 year highs during the month.

My property remained occupied with no out of plan expenses.

Cash balances increased with good income & low expenses, along with the cash freed up from an investment disposal. I've decided to increase my monthly income tax accrual to avoid another large catch-up later in the year.

Year to date net worth growth: 27.4%
Year to date savings rate: 80%

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