Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sell in May?

May has been a bad month for stock markets for the last 3 years, prompting the saying 'sell in May and go away'.

I think a sign of my changing investment mindset is that i would actually welcome a fall now, i have no plans to sell my existing investments and have plenty of cash available should buying opportunities emerge.

In particular i'll be keeping an eye on the US markets. Apart from a small holding in Apple, i'm light on US equities exposure but have been holding off given the record highs being set in the major indices. If there is any material correction i'll be looking to invest in some form of dividend or property ETF.

I'm also looking at a few more emerging markets options, potentially adding to my China ETF or looking at some more emerging markets high dividend ETFs.

After making a few new purchases in April i'm relatively comfortable with the growth rate of my investment portfolio, so i'm not in any rush to continue buying at current levels.  Instead i'll probably sit back and see what happens, allowing standard monthly purchases to keep the portfolio growing at a steady rate whilst being ready to add to these when opportunities emerge.

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