Friday, 22 November 2013

Gym membership renewed

Back in January i set out some financial and non-financial objectives for the year.  On the non-financial side these were (a) get fitter, and (b) achieve a better work balance.

Whilst (b) is still a work in progress (i'll cover this separately!), (a) has shown some recent signs of improvement.  I've had a gym membership here for a few years now, but seem to go through phases of regular and not so regular exercise.

I'd say in this regard it has been a year of two halves. The year didn't start well, with excessive workload breaking up my usual regime of trying to get to the gym at lunchtimes. However, the last few months have been a lot better, with 3 to 4 visits a week and fitness improvements starting to become more noticeable.

This made the decision to renew my membership earlier this month quite straightforward. Whilst the cost went marginally up, i did negotiate a little discount and with my renewed motivation, regular attendance and health benefits, this feels like a good investment.


  1. Definitely a good investment - regular exercise does wonders for health, stress levels etc.

  2. Yes, it also helps to offset the additional eating & drinking i've been doing in trying to improve my work life balance!