Thursday, 28 November 2013

SEDY.L Purchased

I've recently added to my existing investment in the ishares Emerging Markets high dividend ETF listed in the UK.

Whilst this has been a reliable dividend payer over the last year (yielding over 4%), it has been depreciating in value mainly as a result of adverse foreign exchange movements along with weakness in some of the underlying equities markets.  The decline had accelerated in the past few weeks, which tempted me to add some additional units at a price lower than my initial investment.

The geographical mix is quite broad, including Taiwan, China, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey & Malaysia with just over 100 individual stocks held.

I do expect to continue seeing some volatility in price, but i'm happy to take a long term view with this investment and continue to take the dividends in the meantime.

The new units were purchased for around GBP16.86, and this is now the second largest holding in my investment portfolio.

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