Sunday, 25 January 2015

2015 Planning

Looking ahead to 2015, i'm hopeful it can be another successful year for my personal finances.

Based on my projections i'm expecting a fairly similar year to 2014 in terms of income & expenses. This would translate to a net worth growth of roughly 15% and a savings rate just over 60%.  Whilst employment income is to some extent uncertain, it is comforting to see my passive income (from property investments & cash) continue to grow as my asset base grows.

In expenses, there may be some increases as the rental contract on my current accommodation is due for renewal. In addition, travel and other personal expenses are somewhat uncertain at this stage, although nothing major is planned.

Regarding my investment outlook, i'm conscious of the recent rallies across many equities markets, which may slow down the rate of growth in my investment portfolio. However, i'll be looking to take advantage of any market corrections.

In addition, it is looking more likely that i'll make a further property investment during the year, as i look to manage down my cash reserves, which are currently running at around 34% of total assets. 

Away from personal finances, i'll also be continuing my long standing objective of improving fitness, which has proved less successful than my financial objectives in recent years!

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