Monday, 29 June 2015

June 2015 Review

June saw my net worth increase by 0.2%, with a very bad month for investments just about offset by savings and property valuations.

The value of my investment portfolio was down over 3%, and this was after taking into account a lot of dividends received in the month. There was a lot of volatility during June, with a sharp drop at the month end given market concerns about Greece possibly exiting the Euro. I made one small purchase in the month an may look to make further purchases in July if opportunities arise.

Pension unit prices fell by over 1% and with the usual time lag i expect them to fall further in early July.

Property rental income was paid in full & on time.  I've recorded a further small increase in the value of my existing property and added a new property at its purchase price less the costs that would be involved in selling it again.  I'm hoping to increase the rent on my original property later in the year and will look to get the new property on the rental market in a couple of weeks.

Cash balances were materially lower following the completion of a property investment.  Expenses were high due to the property purchase and some travel, but i did manage to maintain a reasonable savings rate.

Year to date net worth growth: 15%
Year to date savings rate: 73%

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