Friday, 31 July 2015

July 2015 Review

July saw my net worth fall by 0.1%, with a second bad month in a row for my investments pensions wiping out all my savings in the month.  Expenses here higher than usual too.

The value of my investment portfolio was down just under 2%, wiping out all the year to date gains, even after dividends. Again it was a volatile month, but generally emerging markets and asia performed badly.  I topped up my HK, emerging markets and Europe investments, whilst Europe seemed to stabilise, emerging markets continued to fall.

Pension unit prices fell by over 2% in a second poor month in a row.  The falls were broadly in line with wider markets.

Property rental income was paid in full & on time.  Whilst my new property remains vacant some potential tenants have been identified and i'm hoping they'll me moving in and paying rent in August.

Cash balances were flat, with savings invested in ETFs.  Expenses were higher than planned, partly a one off but i do need to monitor some monthly costs which seem to be creeping up.

Year to date net worth growth: 14.9%
Year to date savings rate: 71%

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