Tuesday, 29 September 2015

September 2015 Review

September saw my net worth increase by 0.3%, once again most of my savings for the month were wiped out by falls in investment and pension values.

The value of my investment portfolio was down over 1%. Again it was a volatile month with falls across most markets.  I made a couple of small additions to existing HK & UK index ETFs.  Dividends were strong and seemingly not affected by price volatility, which is reassuring given this is predominantly a buy and hold dividend portfolio.

Pension unit prices fell by over 1% , the falls were broadly in line with wider markets although one fund is more heavily exposed to HK.

Rental income on both properties was paid in full & on time. I've just renewed the lease on my older property at slightly higher rent.

Cash balances were slightly higher as savings from income slightly exceeded new investments. Expenses were about average, including some planned travel.

Year to date net worth growth: 14.1%
Year to date savings rate: 68%

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