Monday, 31 August 2015

August 2015 Review

August saw my net worth fall by 1%, with a terrible month in the equities markets resulting in falls in my investment portfolio and pension funds.  This was my worst month on record, with the poor investment performance more than offsetting monthly savings.  However i get some comfort in knowing it could have been a lot worse.  With roughly two thirds of my assets in property and cash i'm somewhat protected from the recent volatility, and if anything, view it more as a buying opportunity.

The value of my investment portfolio was down over 4%, and over the last 3 months it has fallen by over 9%. Again it was a volatile month, but generally emerging markets and asia performed very badly, which then spread to global markets.  I increased my holdings of a global high yield ETF (VHYL) along with some HK & UK based equities.  I also subscribed to the latest HK ibond, albeit only receiving a small allotment. The markets picked up a bit in the last week of August, but still look quite vulnerable.

Pension unit prices fell by over 6% and are now firmly negative for the year.  The falls were broadly in line with wider markets although one fund is more heavily exposed to HK.

Property rental income was paid in full & on time.  I received my first monthly rent from the new property although much of this was offset by expected start up costs.

Cash balances were lower as i tried to add to the investment portfolio as the markets fell.  Expenses were broadly in line with expectations.

Year to date net worth growth: 13.8%
Year to date savings rate: 69%

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