Monday, 30 January 2017

2017 financial plan

After a very successful 2016 for my finances i'll be hoping for more of the same in 2017.  In preparing a simple financial plan for 2017 my working assumption for most items will be to expect income and expenses to be broadly consistent with last year.

Regarding income, overall this is expected to be quite flat.  Employment income will likely be a little lower, but hopefully property income will hopefully be higher if i can rent out my recent property investment.  The big unknown will be if there are further foreign exchange movements, which were a big factor last year, but my working assumption is flat fx rates against current levels.

In expenses, tax and rent are expected to be similar, although my own rental agreement is up for renewal in the summer.  Investment property expenses will likely be higher but should hopefully be covered by income. I've put some buffer in general day to day expenses as i've had my eye on a few luxuries for a while now.  Travel costs are also a bit of an unknown for now, probably not as high as last year but i've budgeted for a similar number of trips.

Overall, if this goes to plan it should be another year with a savings ratio in the mid 60%s range and net worth growth of 18%.  All investment, pension and property values are assumed to be flat, and will no doubt bring some volatility given all the political and market issues unfolding around the world...

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