Monday, 30 January 2017

January 2017 Review

January saw my net worth increase by 1.6% with high income, lower than average expenses and a strong month in the markets.

The value of my investment portfolio increased around 3% as equities continued to rally. I've sold all my remaining fixed income ETFs given the increased expectations of USD rate rises through 2017, and continued devaluation of RMB (the RMB bond ETF was closed down as it seemed everyone was heading for the door!).

Pension unit prices were also up over 3% in line with strong equities performance.

Property income was a mixed picture. One paid on time, but some large maintenance costs are expected over the month. One was late, but are making an effort to catch up - we're staying on a short term rolling contract for now at the mutual agreement of the tenant and landlord. The recent purchase remains vacant but had a few viewings. If the market looks quiet i may consider lowering the rent to get it occupied as soon as possible.

Cash balances were lower with a lumpy tax bill more than offsetting high income, lower expenses and an investment disposal. The tax had been fully accrued for so no impact to net worth.

Year to date net worth growth: 1.6%
Year to date savings rate: 62%

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