Saturday, 13 April 2013

Another cash boost

Earlier this month i received a long expected share of some family inheritance, with the final amount being larger than originally expected. This was all in cash.

Although i've made a number of investments in the past 2 weeks, the recent cash inflows have seen my cash balances increase to around 36% of total assets, well in excess of my 20% target.

Whilst i will try to manage this balance down, i'm not going to rush it. I'm managing to average about a 2% return on my cash in the meantime and more than half of it is available at short notice for investment opportunities or emergencies.

A key point to consider is that if i do nothing, this balance will continue to rise with a positive savings rate each month, potentially drifting up to 40% later in the year.  At these levels, larger investments such as property become a much more viable option.

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