Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April 2013 Review

April saw my net worth grow by 7.7%, mainly due to receiving a share of some family inheritance, along with positive cashflow from employment.

My investment portfolio had its first down month since inception in Oct12, falling around 0.7% with most of the decline coming from my holdings of gold & silver.  The ETFs were broadly flat, with no dividends in the month. A number of new purchases were made, most notably some preference shares and a global infrastructure ETF.

I've realised that although i've been tracking the month-end position at a total portfolio level, i haven't been logging the month-end value of each investment, making it difficult to monitor month on month portfolio performance at a more granular level.  I'll add this to my ever-growing excel file going forward.

My pension fund unit values were broadly flat, starting the month poorly but recovering.  I've been maintaining the highest possible contribution that still benefits from an employer match for some time now, which has helped to continue building exposure to global equities without needing to actively select & time new investments.

My property remained occupied. The outstanding maintenance and lease admin costs were settled during the month.

Cash balances increased with a lump sum cash inheritance and good income. Expenses were slightly higher than average with a few personal treats, but nothing large. These cash increases were partly offset by a number of new investments during the month.

Year to date net worth growth: 25.6%
Year to date savings rate: 82%

Thanks to the one-offs in March & April, i've now exceeded my planned net worth growth for the full year, and i'm tracking well above my target savings rate of 60%. Whilst i recognise i won't continue at this rate, it does feel great to start the year so strongly.

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