Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Investment portfolio update

Its been a while since i presented the performance of my investment portfolio.  As a quick recap, i started building the portfolio around October 2012, in an attempt to reduce my cash assets and increase my passive income.  The focus has been high yield and broad diversification.

Here's the current position:

CAGR % Portfolio
UK listed ETFs
SEDY EM High dividend 2.7% 3.4% 9.1%
IASP Asia Pacific property 6.1% 8.1% 9.4%
SHYU High yield corporate debt 10.4% 13.8% 9.9%
IUKD UK High dividend 24.9% 37.0% 11.0%
IDVY Eurozone High dividend 16.0% 26.3% 6.1%
IAPD Asia Pacific High dividend 1.3% 10.7% 9.0%
VHYL Global High Dividend 6.8% 106.8% 8.7%
INFR Global Infrastructure 0.6% 2.0% 8.2%
HK listed ETFs
2800 HK Index tracker -0.7% -2.2% 5.9%
3049 CSI 300 China tracker -9.5% -26.7% 2.5%
Other Equities
AV.B Aviva Pref Shares -6.8% -22.1% 8.3%
AAPL Apple -0.9% -2.3% 2.5%
-22.9% -29.3% 7.3%
-26.8% -64.4% 2.1%

Overall, the core high yield ETFs have performed well, in particular the UK & Eurozone ETFs.  Gold and Silver have been a bit of a disaster but in some respects they were bought more as a hedge to the equities and i don't intend to sell.  

I've roughly estimated the portfolio to be yielding around 4% in dividends, which is a lot more than i can currently earn on cash.  I added a few new ETFs during the June downturn (including VHYL) and the portfolio has recovered well so far in July.  

I'm not looking to aggressively grow the portfolio at this stage, but will keep looking out for bargains and buying opportunities.

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