Saturday, 29 August 2015

Property update

My new investment property is now occupied, with tenants moving in earlier in August. The rent was at the high end of expectations, with a gross yield close to 6.5%.  The combined yield of my properties after agency fees, regular costs and taxes is around 4%.

Property is once again my largest asset class at around 44% of total assets.  The investment reduced my cash position to around 28% of total assets, much closer to my long term target of around 20%.

The only slight concern is the tenancy agreement is only for 6 months.  I'm hoping this will be extended, but if not it could mean a load more agency costs on a more regular basis than i would hope for.

Also some good news with my other property.  The existing tenant has just signed up for another year, with a rent increase of 4%.  This is particularly good news as it means there shouldn't be any immediate need for any maintenance costs / refurbishment.  In the 5 years or so of renting out this property it has only been vacant for about 5 days between tenancies.

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