Saturday, 3 November 2012

My asset allocation

This is a breakdown of my current asset allocation:

Property 52% - a previous home now rented out. I've been lucky to have minimal vacancy and a good regular rental yield for the past couple of years.

Pensions 15% - a couple of defined contribution pension funds, being contributed to monthly by myself and my employer.  The asset allocation within the funds is probably around 90% global equities, 10% bonds.  This is one area i know i need to analyse further, having not paid much attention to it over the past few years.

Direct Investments 4% - after a couple of years away from the stock market, i've recently purchased some exchange traded funds, along with a small amount of gold (of the paper variety).  I'll go into more details on what i'm holding and why in a seperate post.

Cash 29% - i'm holding way too much of my resources in cash.  Whilst i like to think i've done a good job in finding what cash yield still exists in the markets, i'm barely keeping up with inflation. I'm looking to start managing this percentage down.

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