Friday, 30 November 2012

November 2012 Review

November saw my net worth increase by 1.2%, with good savings and positive investment returns.

During the month my investments in ETFs increased in value, with one also paying a dividend. I purchased another ETF during the month tracking high dividend paying UK shares which ended the month well. My holdings in gold had a volatile few weeks but ended marginally higher too.

My pensions increased with regular monthly contributions and higher unit values, in line with equities markets.

My property was occupied with no issues.

Cash was broadly flat, with a good savings rate offset by an ETF investment and payment of my annual gym membership.  I also realised i'd slightly under-accrued my tax liability due for payment in January, so topped it up this month.

On a year to date basis, my net worth has increased by just over 39%, mostly from healthy income & savings.

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