Thursday, 1 November 2012

Some background information

I'm an early 30's male living & working in Hong Kong.  I have no family of my own, so i'm financially independant at this stage in my life.

I have a keen interest in economics and financial markets, and a vested interest in making sure my own finances perform to their full potential.  I'm naturally risk-averse (and we'll explore the advantages and challenges this presents in future posts) but a combination of low & negative real interest rates and expectations of continued inflation are making me more inclined to explore a wider range of investment options.

This blog was inspired after accidentally stumbling across the world of personal finance blogs. Reading the stories and plans of others made me realise that (a) i was drifting along with no real financial goals & objectives, and (b) the decisions i make now will greatly affect my future.   Whilst i appreciate this is all common sense, sometimes you just need a moment of realisation!

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